(Journal entry, June 18, ’09, 10pm, to the 3rd year ensemble)

“I am a mad man… I dim my compulsions and direct them into invigorating quotes and metaphors of the sublime but the animal still moves in me. The deep gait of a predator, the eye that sees deepest at night into the souls dark motives, fears … living on the cold parameter of death and warmed only by the heat of an internal fire, a fire that in an instant can become an inferno, I am who I am, a dangerous man. 

I try not to destroy. But I direct my fire to burn chaff, the effete, the unconscious, … sometimes I err … not being able to identify the agent of offence I am programmed for devastation rather than permit the status quo … the unnecessary, the compliant, … that which yesterday was good enough (“good enough” is not a criteria but an air pocket that for today keeps the stone from sinking)…”

“Infectious Fool”… “Inspired Lunatic”… “Clown Extraordinaire.” Ronlin is “a gifted performer whose work is thoroughly conceived and brilliantly executed,” “utterly unique and kind of wacky.” These are affectionate expletives given by reviewers across the country regarding Foreman’s performances.

And from letters, notes and personal reflections offered by former students: “A nearly mythological figure.” “A Giant.” “A Seer.” “An Asshole.” “a Force of Nature” who “planted in me a fire that keeps me on the path as an artist”; “has altered my life”; “restored my faith in the theatre”; “I loathed, and loved, and longed for more.” 

After a lengthy career performing, teaching and directing, Ronlin is sought after for his provocative manner and his clear and passionate imperatives regarding what he calls A Dynamic Theatre and An Actor/Poet. 

Ronlin is touring internationally with his acclaimed performance, Pigeon Show: A Play of Fools, and a series of hallmark classes and lectures under the title “The Act of Falling.”

Words fail. Seeing is believing.
The Daily News, Philadelphia, PA

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