I have proposed in my teaching that it is possible, in a spontaneous act, for us to know, to “realize” in an instant, what we might wait most of our lives to “be taught.” I insist that all education is self-education and that it is our response to an experience that teaches us what to know. Consequently, “thinking”, in our world, has become over rated — I propose that genius lives in the brazen now. And. I believe that there is a deeper knowing from which the foundation of all knowledge emerges. This is a “knowing” that is not about things but conditions of existence that cannot be taught because they are not reducible to “facts.” Rather, this “knowing” is predicated on perceptions and intuitions which originate in the region of the soul and is recognized only by the heart.

I believe that All People are “latent knowers” …and that the crucial step is to wake up and to remain awake – like being born again and again and again …

It is in this state of awareness that we will come to recognize what we will discover as our own. Such recognition is always a violent event because, no matter how long this waking takes, it always happens All of a Sudden!

(I refer to this tacit knowledge as the knowing of the race … or, “the water that fell before time”.)

Consequently, if I taught information and not observation and experience; if I dealt with illustrations of cataclysms and not the instigation of avalanches; the student might not recognize that this world has it’s double in the Poetic.

This recognition suggests veritable consequences: that the foundation of fundamental human responses for physical preservation, imaginative inspiration and spiritual exaltation are laid deep in our bones and our bowels and our lungs … authentic and enduring.