Hello from India! Hey y’all so here is the latest update form the road. Landed in New Delhi February 4th and meet some wonderful people from National school of drama. We passed out from jet-leg and woke up the next morning to hop a flight to Jammu in the north. That evening we were able to see the show at the festival there and meet the artists. The Little Ballet Troupe and there piece Ramayana created in 1952 and this was their 600th show. The following day we woke up early to tech and then perform at the Abhinav Theatre. Followed by a wonderful large directors talk back. All in all we have meet some amazing artists and had conversations about the nature of their work and the great context of the art of our time.

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After being at Dell’Arte International for the past 13 years as resident faculty, Director of Training and then School Director, it will be here, on this blog page, that I chronicle my advance into the world. Preparations for, what we refer to now as the RonlinWalkabout, began back in November of 2014 when Ryan Musil, the Walkabout Production / Tour Manager, began to create a proposal based on my desire to see what is happening in the world — to “walk out” into that which I don’t know with the few things that I do. If you are reading this it means that the web site has “gone live” and that we have begun to formally reach out to backers and bookers.

‘With a little help from my friends’ – well, with a lot of help from my friends and my dear wife … . Please go to the Company section to review all who are pitching in on the RonlinWalkabout Effort!

So greetings from a new home. … be speaking to you soon about the plans, misgivings, experiences and joys forward!

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Driving a Stake in the Ground

Be awake! …attentive about the path that you are on. Make opportunities to aid others; to declare your convictions; to confess your loves. In this way you will drive a stake in the ground of your being. It will mark your faith, your belief, and your sacrifices; so that if/when you slip into fear; so that if you loose your footing and fall back into doubt; so that if one night The Dark Hound seizes you and tries to drag you down the mountain into despair, you will have something to grab hold of. And by holding on you can declare, “This is my path.” And then standing to your feet you can say, “And this is what I love.”

“…drive a stake in the ground, …so that when you lose your footing and fall back … you will have something to grab hold of.”